Fireworks over Meredith Bay

Tips on Staying Up ‘til Midnight to Ring in the New Year

In just a couple of weeks, people around the world will be celebrating the arrival of 2017 with parties, first night activities, and fireworks. Here in Meredith, we will be dancing the night away at our New Year’s Eve Gala on the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee! For those who have trouble staying awake for all the revelry, here are some tips on how to remain energetic and alert into the wee hours so you don’t miss a thing…

  • Sleep in late the morning of your big day. Give yourself the luxury of a long slumber and leisurely wake up. Keep the room dark and enjoy dozing—you deserve it! Staying up late the night before helps.
  • Adjust the rest of your schedule, as well. Eat breakfast and lunch later than usual (healthy, of course, to keep you going), and plan to have a trés-metropolitan late-night dinner.
  • Grab a mid-afternoon pick-me-up: coffee or tea with a snack, or better yet, a cozy, refreshing nap.
  • After dinner, take an invigorating walk in the fresh winter air to get the oxygen flowing.
  • Join others for dancing and socializing. Lively parties make time fly!

Folks in the Lakes Region of NH are invited to attend our Gala Celebration! The evening promises to be magical at this festive event at Church Landing, beginning with a champagne reception with piano accompaniment, followed by a formal gala in the Winnipesaukee Ballroom. The gala will include assorted hors d’oeuvres, choice of plated dinner prepared by Lakehouse Grille, and dancing to live music by the high-energy Boston band, “Brandy.” Guests will watch the fabulous fireworks display over Meredith Bay at 10:30, and enjoy a champagne toast at midnight!

For more information on the Gala or to make reservations, please visit or call 603-279-7006.

One last tip: get lost in the sparkle of candlelight and crystal. The night is charmed—be open to the magic!

Happy New Year from all of us at Mill Falls at the Lake!

Carrie Reed
The Mill Falls Blogging Team

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